Our Team

At Banmerchant we strive to achieve a balance between the vast experience of our partners and key executives, and the specialization and innovation of young professionals who work in each of our business areas. This balance allows us to offer our clients customized business opportunities and services that meet the multiple demands required by the market.


Enrique Huidobro Augier Huidobro Augier
Enrique Huidobro Augier
Founding Partner
Agustín Larraín Campbell Larraín Campbell
Agustín Larraín Campbell
Founding Partner
Marcelo Silva Rozzi Silva Rozzi
Marcelo Silva Rozzi
Founding Partner
Eugenio Díaz Candia Díaz Candia
Eugenio Díaz Candia
Partner and Director
Francisco Walker Prieto Walker Prieto
Francisco Walker Prieto
Partner and Director
Rafael Wilhelm Matthei Wilhelm Matthei
Rafael Wilhelm Matthei
Partner and Director
Germán Ilabaca Schiavetti Ilabaca Schiavetti
Germán Ilabaca Schiavetti
Partner and Director

Our Professionals

Luis Alberto Muñoz Urrutia Muñoz Urrutia
Luis Alberto Muñoz Urrutia
Business Manager
Rafael Cox Anwandter Cox Anwandter
Rafael Cox Anwandter
Corporate Management Manager
Luis Méndez Varas Méndez Varas
Luis Méndez Varas
Manager, Asset Management
Tomás Huidobro Grove Huidobro Grove
Tomás Huidobro Grove
Real Estate Manager
Marcela Leiva Cifuentes Leiva Cifuentes
Marcela Leiva Cifuentes
Financial Analysis Manager
Ignacio Ruiz Carrasco Ruiz Carrasco
Ignacio Ruiz Carrasco
Commercial Manager
José Francisco Aldunate Bobillier Aldunate Bobillier
José Francisco Aldunate Bobillier
Real Estate Assistant Manager
Sergio Novoa Lozano Novoa Lozano
Sergio Novoa Lozano
Real Estate Consulting Assistant Manager
Francisco Hernández Loyola Hernández Loyola
Francisco Hernández Loyola Hernández Loyola
Appraisal Assistance Manager
Francisco Silva Figueroa Silva Figueroa
Francisco Silva Figueroa
Management Control Assistant Manager
Matías Bongardt Holmgren Bongardt Holmgren
Matías Bongardt Holmgren
Real Estate Business Assistant Manager
Ignacio Peirano Vásquez Peirano Vásquez
Ignacio Peirano Vásquez
Real Estate Business Associate
Matías Cantergiani Sepúlveda Cantergiani Sepúlveda
Matías Cantergiani Sepúlveda
Investment Advisor
Felipe Silva Mozó Silva Mozó
Felipe Silva Mozó
Real Estate Services Associate
Andrés Valenzuela Villaseca Valenzuela Villaseca
Andrés Valenzuela Villaseca
Managment Control Analyst